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ttoc_150x225Out now: The Trials Of Carstairs, the fourth book in the Carstairs Series!

Martin King is back, by popular demand! He’s glad to have left Hollywood behind, but that doesn’t mean his life is all peaches and cream. Witness the birth of his son and his wedding to Melody in the latest part of the Carstairs Series!

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All of my books. Yes, six of them! The Carstairs Series, The Most Hated Man and The Reluctant Guide. Save over 21% and start reading in minutes! BEST VALUE.

The Trilogy became a Series because you wanted more of Martin King's weird and erotic adventures. All four Carstairs books. Save $6! - MOST POPULAR CHOICE.

These four books make up the Carstairs Series:

Meet Martin King. His life just exploded, but his sister Kate comes to the rescue. An amazing, heartwarming and sexy comedy novel. First book in the series.

The second book of the Carstairs Series sees Martin getting to grips with his new life and making some wonderful friends.

You demanded more! This rousing, hilarious and moving Hollywood adventure will keep you entertained for days. 3rd book in the series and the size of books 1 and 2 combined!

Martin returns to London and hopes to live the peaceful life of an office drone. But when Kelly is assaulted, his inner Carstairs roars... Book 4 in the series.

These books are stand-alone novels and not part of the Carstairs Series:

My debut novel: Mr. Bowman is married, but the spark has long gone. His young niece decides he should be the one to introduce her to life, love and... sex.

The Most Hated Man is a stand-alone novel. Professor Doctor Pjotr van Voogt tot Burema is the smartest man he knows. And women hate him...

This bundle combines two stand-alone novels: The Most Hated Man and The Reluctant Guide. Save $5!

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There are free previews of Best Sister Ever and The Reluctant Guide if you like!